Solar Raceway

We took a logo and turned it into a brand.

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Solar Raceway approached us when they were virtually a startup. They had a logo and an idea and needed to launch a brand in an established marketplace. They needed to appeal to installers, resellers, and customers who may want to spec their wire management system as a top-of-the-line solution.


Solar Raceway has a product that's unlike the competition so we created a bold look and feel that made them stand out. We relied on large imagery and bold colors to tell their story. Imagery of their clean, modern products showed the beauty of what's essentially a wire conduit and photos of installations show what is possible when you think outside of the status quo.

We created graphics for social media, web ads, email campaigns, trade show materials, brochures, and catalogs.

The support documentation is clean and well-organized. The brochures and collateral maintain a simple design aesthetic that keeps them easy to read or scan for information.


Solar Raceway has gotten a foothold in the wire management industry. They've seen year over year sales growth since launch and continually gains popularity among installers.

What the customer had to say

We couldn't be happier with the brand. It's bold, exciting, fun, and it really makes us stand out whether we're in a sales presentation or at a trade show. Customers are always telling us how much they like our sales materials and guides.
Chad Carta


  • Web Design
  • Web Development
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  • Letterhead
  • Webmaster
  • Graphic Design
  • Trade Show Booth Design

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